My name is Austin, and I'm the owner and operator of Premier Transparency. This exciting new business cuts turnover inside companies while improving employer-employee relations. I come from a sales and business management background. After years in customer service and business management, I decided that businesses need to change. For decades Human Resources have remained the same, constantly dealing with too much at one time. They deal with payroll, hiring employees, conducting benefit analyses, and more. Most of the time, employees pay the price. Complaints, bad management, and harassment are swept under the rug from either neglecting to care or just piled under the massive workload they always have on them. That's where Premier Transparency comes into play; we specialize in employee retention and satisfaction. With our system of employee, anonymity, we will significantly reduce turnover and toxic employees.
Our Transparency Associates conduct monthly or quarterly interviews with every employee, including the human resources staff. The names are anonymous unless specified otherwise to speak freely without fear of repercussions from management or other employees. All interviews are set at ten or fifteen mins depending on the company's size. So, no employee can try to waste time intentionally. If they need more time, they can meet off-site after work to discuss it in more depth. Employees don't want to waste their own time after work, making it more legitimate. In these interviews, we give the employer every statistic we can, from sexual harassment and discrimination to what they like and dislike about working for you. This information is invaluable to keeping employees and will make your company stand out.